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Not to belabor the point (or the puns …), but the view from the Presidio’s Inspiration Point truly is inspiring. Pack a sweater and a picnic and head for Arguello Gate, and you can experience this gorgeous vista firsthand! When the NEN stopped by, some people were having an impromptu dance party up here– clearly getting into the inspirational spirit.

Learn more about Inspiration Point.

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Next Friday, September 17th, is International Park(ing) Day.

Started in San Francisco in 2005, the event has now spread worldwide. For whatever reason they like, people turn parking spaces into people parks. All kinds of creativity are applied to the spaces; we recommend a visit to the Park(ing) Day Flickr pool to see more images.

We like the above image. Why? Because it’s got kids in it, of course!

Enjoy Park(ing) Day and check back with us to share with us your experience.


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If this isn’t a cool thing to do in your neighborhood, what is? The NEN caught this scene when meandering through Sunday Streets a couple of months ago, during World Cup season (the audience is watching the World Cup final).

Given the financial constraints and other limitations under which community-builders operate, this kind of cheap(ish), fun idea is a perfect solution. A projector, audio system, laptop, a garage or similar space, and some chairs. Doesn’t sound too hard to whip all that together.

Photo by Adam Greenfield.


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You’ve probably seen that hill in the distance. It’s Bayview Park and Candlestick Park nestles in its side. But have you ever climbed that hill? As there’s a fair chance you don’t know anyone who’s been up there, it would be safe to assume that it’s not publicly accessable.

Wrong! A trail leads up the side of Bayview Park (the side you can see here) and around the crest of the hill. At every step of the 360 degree trail, you’ll find stunning views, such as this one if you face south. 


When the NEN’s Adam Greenfield was up there recently after a Sunday Streets event, a runner who lives in the Bayview neighborhood below told him that he runs up here daily and hardly ever sees anyone.

Why? Who knows. But given how valuable city parks are to our neighborhoods, we think more folks should check out Bayview Park. It’s a great asset to the surrounding communities and to the city.


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The Moraga Stairs, located at 16th Avenue and Moraga Street on the border of the Golden Gate Heights and Inner Sunset neighborhoods, is possibly San Francisco’s most impressive stairway.

Beginning in 2003 and completed in 2005, over 300 neighbors worked together on the 163 step project, led by artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher. The handmade mosaics depict fish, birds, and animals, providing hours of close examination. We heartily recommend a visit to these amazing stairs.

Find out more about the Moraga Stairs here.

Photo by Jason Tester.


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