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Daniel Homsey, Director, Neighborhood Empowerment Network

As you’ve probably seen, we at the NEN have been more than a little busy recently. With my imminent departure for New Orleans, the recent Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp, NENfm’s big launch, and more, it’s been another action-packed month.

Here’s the highlights…

Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp 2010

The NEN was proud to be a partner at this year’s Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp, which featured dozens of speakers, workshops, a resource fair, live jazz, networking, and much more – all on the theme of community building.

We at the NEN were a big part of the action. Pre-event, we captured exclusive NENfminterviews with many of the event’s speakers, including Craigslist Foundation CEO Lynn Luckow and SF City Treasurer Jose Cisneros. 

On the day of Boot Camp, I hosted two workshops entitled “Building Resilient Communities through Multi-Sector Collaboration” and “Community and Schoolyard Gardens”, the former being partly an explanation of the core principles behind the NEN and the latter being a growing area of interest in the Bay Area right now.

Check out the NEN’s Christoph Zepeda’s biggest takeaways from the event in this NEN Blog.


NENfm Joins the Audiowaves

In July, we launched the NENfm podcast. The show interviews the best thinkers and doers in our neighborhoods. Most recently, we were thrilled to interview President Obama’s ex-mentor John McKnight on his thoughts about community-organizing (hear that show here). If John’s advice worked for the President, maybe it’ll work for you!

NENfm is a unique presence in the podcast circuit. Check out the complete list of NENfm shows and check back soon for more.


NENpics: A Feast for the Community’s Eyes 

A picture can be worth a thousand words, especially when it says something about a neighborhood’s uniqueness or the power of uniting a community through a common project. That’s why we’ve launched the weekly NENpics. So far, we’ve visited the Excelsior’s blue tower and Sunset Heights’s Moraga Stairs. NENpics updates are every Friday.

The Right Kind of Recovery on NENtv

It’s likely that, sooner or later, San Francisco will experience a major earthquake. And when that happens, only the right kind of recovery will ensure that residents stick around to help get the city back on its feet. In this two-part talk, recorded exclusively for NENtv and part of the NENtalks series, I explain what we need to do now to get ready. Watch part 1 (“the challenge”) here and part 2 (“the solution”) here.

NEN Kiosk Hits “The Real World” 

We’ve been getting so much wonderful feedback about the Blogs, videos, and podcasts here on empowersf.org. At the same time, there’s still a special place in our hearts for something we can hold in our hands.

That’s why we’ve just launched “NEN Kiosk”, our hardcopy newsletter. In this NEN News announcement, Christoph Zepeda, Kiosk’s editor, explains why NEN Kiosk is important. Oh, and a PDF version of the newsletter is included for you web-lovers.


The NEN Heads Out to New Orleans 

My visit to post-Katrina New Orleans in 2007 deeply influenced my community work and the ethos I’ve brought to the NEN. So, I’m excited to head off today back to the Big Easy to speak at the August 26th Resiliency Summit about the NEN model and how we can prepare our cities for external shocks, such as natural events. I’ll beblogging, Twittering, Facebooking, and recording audio diaries during my five-day stay to bring you the best of the Summit. So check back daily here on empowersf.org for the latest.

But Wait, There’s More…

Of course, I can’t go into detail on everything, so look around empowersf.org and discover, for instance, Potrero Hill’s Annie Shaw’s guide on how to keep volunteers excited about your community project; my exploration of Visitacion Valley Greenway, one of SF’s best-kept secrets; and much more.

Thanks for joining us on this month’s edition of NEN Ketchup and I’ll be back in touch soon, all the way from New Orleans.

I’ll see you in the neighborhoods,


Daniel Homsey is Director of the Neighborhood Empowerment Network. He can be contacted at daniel.homsey@sfgov.org.


Most San Franciscans will probably make it through the next Bay Area earthquake. But will residents stick around afterward or leave permanently, repeating the New Orleans story?

In this first part of a presentation on the Disaster Recovery Phase, NEN Director Daniel Homsey explains why the Recovery Phase after a major disaster is so important and the challenge of getting people to think now about this phase. Check back soon for Part 2 of this presentation, where Daniel outlines practical solutions to preparing in advance for the Disaster Recovery Phase.

[Also viewable on Youtube here.]

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In hard economic times, San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood is taking an extraordinary step: Introducing a community currency that can only be spent in Bernal Heights. Crazy or calculated? NENtv investigates.

View on Youtube here.
Download here (right-click to save).

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Those communities that successfully tackled crime, cleaned up trash, and got the neighbors talking – how did they do it? In this presentation, NEN Director Daniel Homsey outlines the stages through which most neighborhoods go on their journey to becoming active communities. Daniel ends with the secret ingredient that carries communities beyond single-issue flash campaigns to long term resilient neighborhoods.

[Also viewable on Youtube here.]

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These are exciting times at the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN). In this introduction presentation, NEN Director Daniel Homsey discusses the events, social media strategies, and partnerships at the heart of the NEN’s work.

[Also viewable on Youtube here.]

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Adam Greenfield, NEN Media Director

It’s hard to imagine life without Youtube and so it was only a matter of time until we uploaded the NENtv catalog to the be-all, end-all video website. So now you can watch, link to, or download all NENtv episodes from the NEN Youtube channel empowersf, as well as on the NEN website.

What’s the difference between watching the videos on our website versus Youtube? Not too much, to be honest. The video quality is a little better on the NEN website, but people are more likely to come across our content on Youtube.

One thing I’m proud of is that all NENtv episodes are Creative Commons licensed, meaning that anyone can download, re-edit, remix, and re-release NENtv content, as long as they credit NENtv for any material used and that any derivatives of our work are non-commercial.

We feel that making our work available to anyone for free to remix and re-distribute is the best way for people to get involved in the community-building conversation. If someone uses NENtv content to produce something that helps their own neighborhood-empowerment work, then we couldn’t be happier. Personally, I also feel that, although it’s a necessary ingredient of getting by, keeping money out of the equation, where possible, makes a world a little friendlier and more equitable for all, which is also something I’m sure we’d all love to see more of in our neighborhoods too.

This is another perk of putting our content on Youtube. Numerous free online tools, such as Keepvid, let you download Youtube videos to your computer, enabling you to edit the video in an editing program. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Let us know if you decide to use our content in any of your own work. We’d love to see what you come up with. It’s time to get creative!

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