Resilient OMI Overview

The Resilient OMI (ROMI) Resilience Action Plan development process is designed to provide all essential community stakeholder organizations an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a unifying Resilience Action Plan for the neighborhoods along the Brotherhood Way Corridor. Each partner community will be able to craft a customized resident planning process that reflects their location and availability.


The OMI community takes a leadership role in advancing it resilience by empowering all community members and organizations to identify and collectively achieve their resilience goals with an emphasis on equity, compassion and trust.



The Resilient OMI CC Steering Committee will engage all local, regional and city wide stakeholders in the process of designing and implementing its Resilience Action Plan.


  1. COMMUNITY– The OMI community has the capacity to respond collectively to times of stress in a manner that reflects the goals and priorities of its residents and stakeholder organizations.
  2. ORGANIZATIONAL– The faith-based organizations, businesses, non-profits and community organizations of the OMI community have the capacity to support both the needs of their existing constituencies, and emerging audiences, during times of stress.
  3. INDIVIDUAL– Every resident has the capacity to care for themselves, and their neighbors, during times of stress.


The Empowered Communities Program‘s Neighborhood HUB initiative supports neighborhoods as they create community-based networks of organizations that advance the overall preparedness of communities across San Francisco. The HUB initiative provides essential support to residents as they recover community stressors and disasters. A national conversation has begun which points to the importance of creating strategies for local organizations and residents to assume lifesaving responsibilities in the event of a disaster. These activities include search and rescue, mass feeding, and supporting people sheltering in place. To learn more about the HUB, CLICK HERE

Resilient OMI HUB Update

On October 27th, 2016 The Resilient OMI steering committee convened local and citywide organizations to participate in a half day workshop on resilience at the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center.  The day focused on the activation of a HUB which is a network of organizations that reside in close proximity that can work collectively during times of stress.  Participants were briefed on the mission of the Resilient OMI initiative, the benefits of the creation of a HUB for the community and the organizations involved, and how to participate in the activation of the HUB’s nucleus – the Neighborhood Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) – during times of stress. 20 individuals attended the workshop which generated a great deal of connectivity and optimism for the future of the OMI in the face of inevitable change.


Attend a Meeting

A priority of Resilient OMI is to foster an inclusive and transparent information-sharing process. As such, we encourage OMI community members, stakeholders, partners, and interested parties to attend upcoming Resilient OMI Meetings. Resilient OMI meetings and actions take place through the OMICC from 10:00am-12:00pm on the third Friday of the month. Please visit their website for meeting location by CLICKING HERE


For more information about Resilient OMI and to find out how you can get involved, contact Daniel Homsey, Director of Neighborhood Empowerment Network.