Welcome to Resilient Diamond Heights

In 2008, a group of leaders in the Diamond Heights community came together to explore ways to advance the disaster resilience of their community and took the name The Diamond Heights Disaster Ready Workgroup. While convening at St. Aidan’s Church, the group partnered with organizations such as the Red Cross and SF CARD (Community Agencies Responding to Disaster), and designed and implemented a plan that gave them a deeper level of preparedness and capacity to succeed in times of stress.


In the summer of 2012, the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) was invited to present its Empowered Communities Program (ECP), which leverages the most current disaster resilience development data and advances FEMA’s Whole Community Approach. As a result of this orientation, and the acquisition of funding from the CDC Foundation and FEMA, the Diamond Heights Community agreed to move forward with a deployment of the NEN’s ECP and became known as Resilient Diamond Heights.


The Diamond Heights Community will negotiate a disaster with the necessary social, economic and infrastructural resilience to support an expedited recovery and remain a diverse and inclusive place that residents, both current and future, will want to call home. 



Every resident has the capacity to care for themselves, and their neighbors, during times of stress.


The businesses, faith-based organizations, non-profits and community organizations of Diamond Heights have the capacity to support both the needs of their existing and emerging audiences during times of stress.


The Diamond Heights Community has the collective capacity to respond to challenges in a manner that reflects the goals and priorities of its residents and stakeholder organizations.

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A priority of Resilient Diamond Heights is to foster an inclusive and transparent information-sharing process. As such, we encourage Diamond Heights community members, stakeholders, partners, and interested parties to attend upcoming Resilient Diamond Heights Working Group Meetings on the third Wednesday of the month from 3:30pm-5:00pm at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church.

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Community HUB


The HUB initiative supports neighborhoods as they create community-based networks of organizations that advance the overall preparedness of communities across San Francisco.

A national conversation has begun which points to the importance of creating strategies for local organizations and residents to assume lifesaving responsibilities in the event of a disaster. These activities include search and rescue, mass feeding, and supporting people sheltering in place.

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 HUB Members

HUB Members are a vital part of each community’s HUB development. Each member is a member of the community or a partner institution that has shown an interest in and dedication to advancing the resilience of the Diamond Heights community.

Betsy Eddy

Diamond Heights Community Association

Cynthia Woo 

Goldmine Hill Home Owners Association

Greg Carey

Diamond Heights NERT

Jill Borofka
Joe Castrovinci
2017-2018 Initiatives and Projects

Organizational Development

  1. Neighborhood Emergency Operations Center Planning: Convene HUB members to assess what is confronting their community and implement solutions using core operating procedures of the Incident Command System (ICS)

  2. Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT): Sustain NERT training in Diamond Heights. 

  3. Emergency Mass Feeding: Develope protocols and training in the community. 

HUB Mobilization

  1. HUB Activation Working Group: Create workshops and table top exercises 

  2. Neighborhood Support Center Working Group: Implement a Neighborhood Support Center Plan and train volunteers to activate NSC during times of stress. 

  3. Preparedness Campaign: Create Diamond Heights disaster preparedness strategy and engage housing developments with preparedness campaign.

Resilient Diamond Heights Executive Steering Committee

Betsy Eddy

Jill Borofka

Greg Carey

Diamond Heights NERT

Cynthia Woo

Resilient Diamond Heights Partners