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The Resilient Cayuga Resilience Action Plan development process is designed to provide all essential community stakeholder organizations an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a unifying Resilience Action Plan for the neighborhoods along the Brotherhood Way Corridor. As a partner community, Cayuga will be able to craft a customized resident planning process that reflects their location and availability.


The Cayuga Community is a safe and connected neighborhood that is well positioned to respond and recover from a disaster and look out for the needs of its most vulnerable residents. 



Every resident has the capacity to care for themselves, and their neighbors, during times of stress.


The faith based organizations, businesses, non-profits and community organizations of the Cayuga neighborhood have the capacity to support both the needs of their existing constituencies, and emerging audiences, during times of stress.


The Resilient Cayuga neighborhood has the capacity to respond collectively to times of stress in a manner that reflects the goals and priorities of its residents and stakeholder organizations.

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A priority of Resilient Cayuga is to foster an inclusive and transparent information-sharing process. As such, we encourage Cayuga community members, stakeholders, partners, and interested parties to attend upcoming Resilient Cayuga Working Group Meetings. Check back soon for the next meeting date and time.

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Community HUB

Cayuga Hub

The HUB initiative supports neighborhoods as they create community-based networks of organizations that advance the overall preparedness of communities across San Francisco.

A national conversation has begun which points to the importance of creating strategies for local organizations and residents to assume lifesaving responsibilities in the event of a disaster. These activities include search and rescue, mass feeding, and supporting people sheltering in place.

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Cayuga HUB Boundary Map

Cayuga Hub Members

HUB Members are a vital part of each community’s HUB development. Each member is a member of the community or a partner institution that has shown an interest in and dedication to advancing the resilience of the Cayuga community.

Susan Ritter

Balboa High School

Dr. David Goldschmid

Clinic by the Bay

Initiatives and Projects

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Resilient Cayuga, in partnership with Community Living Campaign and Cayuga Community Connectors, was awarded a $5,000 Community Investment Grant from SFPOA to educate the Cayuga community on Disaster Preparedness and GO BAG assembly for seniors and people with disabilities.

The goal of this project was to raise emergency preparedness awareness for Cayuga’s most vulnerable neighbors, to encourage relationships amount neighbors, and encourage people to sign-up for NERT training. In addition, this project aims to encourage neighbors to become active members of the Cayuga Improvement Association / Cayuga Connectors.

The outcome of the program will includes assembling and distributing 100+ GO BAGS to seniors and people with disabilities throughout the neighborhood. The contents are designed to help vulnerable residence shelter in place in the event of a disaster.This entire program was made possible by a SF Police Officers Association (SFPOA) grant to the Community Living Campaign. Participation by our Balboa HS JROTC is greatly appreciated.

 Many thanks are due to the community participation for this project which includes SFPOA, Cayuga CommunityConnectors (Community Living Campaign), and Cayuga Improvement Association. 

Additional 2017-2018 Projects

Implement Personal Preparedness Campaign

  1. Seniors- Community Connector Workshops

  2. Youth- Working with Balboa JROTC

HUB Development 

  1. Complete HUB Assessments

  2. Conduct HUB Activation Workshops and Exercises 

HUB Support Functions

  1. Search and Rescue/Security

  2. Care Team and Trainings

  3. Mass Feeding-Neighborfest

  4. Communications Plan

Resilient Cayuga Executive Steering Committee

Andrew Melomet

Cayuga Improvement Association

Chris Dillon

Cayuga Improvement Association

Jorge Palafox

Cayuga Improvement Association

Barbara Fugate

Cayuga Improvement Association

Jane Merschen

Cayuga Improvement Association

Patti Spaniak

Cayuga Improvement Association

Resilient Cayuga Partners