Welcome to Resilient Bayview

Since 2013, a group of Bayview non-profits, small businesses, faith-based organizations, residents and city agency stakeholders have been working to advance a vision for the Bayview. This vision is of a community rich in social & economic opportunity and success for residents and businesses. The Resilient Bayview program members have worked intensely to inventory and prioritize the goals and objectives for the various community stakeholders. These stakeholders are committed to making the Bayview a great place to live, work and visit.


Bayview is an active and dynamic community where individuals, families, organizations, and businesses deliver exceptional goods and services, all the while providing opportunities to catalyze the economic, spiritual, and cultural potential of the neighborhood. During times of stress, our community will collectively respond with confidence and compassion.



Empower individuals and families within Bayview to increase their level of resilience, enhancing their ability to prepare for and recover from times of stress.


Enhance Bayview organizations’ and businesses’ ability to be self-sufficient, while advancing inter-agency support, to augment their programmatic, economic, spiritual, and cultural potential for resilience.


Reinforce the Bayview community’s resilience through enhancing neighborhood-led response and recovery plans and coordinating with all stakeholders to collectively respond with confidence and compassion.

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A priority of Resilient Bayview is to foster an inclusive and transparent information-sharing process. As such, we encourage Bayview community members, stakeholders, partners, and interested parties to attend upcoming Resilient Bayview Working Group Meetings on the third Wednesday of the month from 10:00am-11:30am at Bayview YMCA.

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Community HUB

3rd Street HUB

The HUB initiative supports neighborhoods as they create community-based networks of organizations that advance the overall preparedness of communities across San Francisco.

A national conversation has begun which points to the importance of creating strategies for local organizations and residents to assume lifesaving responsibilities in the event of a disaster. These activities include search and rescue, mass feeding, and supporting people sheltering in place.

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3rd Street HUB Boundaries

3rd Street HUB Members

HUB Members are a vital part of each community’s HUB development. Each member is a member of the community or a partner institution that has shown an interest in and dedication to advancing the resilience of the Bayview community.

Allison Biddinger

American Red Cross

Andre Torrey

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Aniete Ekanem

NERT Bayview

Anne Eng

SF Department of Environment

Dan Dodt

Bayview Business Alliance

David Munos Ventura

Community Member

Dion-Jay Brookter

Southeast Community Facility Commission

Earl Shaddiz

Community Member

Erica Arteseros

NERT Bayview

Felisia Thibodeaux

Bayview Senior Services – George Davis Senior Center

G.L. Hodge

Providence Baptist Church

Grace Grima

Mercy Housing – All Hallows Community

Jackie Flin

A. Philip Randolph Institute

Karen Nemsick

Rebuilding Together San Francisco

Kurt Grimes

A. Philip Randolph Institute

Lyslynn Lacoste

Bayview MAGIC

Michael Wong

Community Youth Centers of San Francisco – Bayview

Rosalind Hinton

Careers in Horticulture

Sara Brissenden-Smith

Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco

Sraddha Mehta

SF Department of Environment

Takija Gardner

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

Teri Dowling

SF Department of Public Health

Willow Brugh

Community Member

Yo Yoshida


2017-2018 Initiatives and Projects

Resilient Youth Leadership Academy

A key programmatic goal of the Resilient Bayview planning process was to start a youth leadership program that would offer participants the opportunity to develop their professional and civic leadership skills while learning about environmental stressors experienced by urban neighborhoods and ways to mitigate them.

In light of this goal the A. Philip Randolph Institute (Resilient Bayivew partner) set out with the objective to engage 10 Bayview youth in an intensive 8 week professional and civic development program where they learned about cross-sector partnerships, public policy, and the various impacts of climate change on the Bayview Community.

Community Asset Mapping

Resilient Bayview has been flexing their technology arms! In partnership with Appallicious, Resilient Bayview is creating a Community Asset Mapping tool using Bayview community data and visualization software to leverage stakeholder resilience planning processes.

By providing training, collaborating with other city agencies to make relevant data organized and more easily accessible, and designing a comprehensive data visualization platform tailored to daily and situational resilience, communities will be able to improve upon the community-based strategies outlined in their Resilience Action Plans.

Organizational Development

  1. Strengthening Initiative (Secure Federal EIN)

  2. Develop Strategic Partnerships with organizations such as SF Public Utilities Commission, University of California SF, Warriors, Salesforce & more

  3. Develop culturally-competent Communications Plan

3rd Street Activation HUB Mobilization

  1. Design and Implement the 2017 HUB Workshop/Exercise

  2. 2017 Resilient Bayview Neighborfest

  3. Complete HUB Member Candidate Organizational Site Assessments

  4. Provide Free Trainings to HUB Member Organizations

Children Youth and Families

  1. Implement the Resilient Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) in coordination with A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI)

  2. Produce the Senior Serving Organizations Resilience Summit

Resilient Bayview Partners