NEN Programs

Programs implemented by Neighborhood Empowerment Network support communities as they build stronger and more resilient neighborhoods through collective problem solving by streamlining their access to organizations, programs, resources and technical support. See below for a full list of our programs!

Empowered Communities Program

The ECP adds value to the current capacity building efforts by traditional emergency preparedness organizations by facilitating the development of a neighborhood action plan with broad stakeholder participation that advances a community’s overall resilience and generates long term ownership of its implementation. Click here to learn more about ECP!


Resilient Youth Leadership Academy

In early 2015, the A. Philip Randolph Institute partnered with city agencies to launch Resilient Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA). The RYLA program engaged 10 Bayview youth leaders in an intensive 8 week experiential learning opportunity where youth developed their skills and capacity to lead the Bayview during times of community stress generated by drivers such as climate change and socio-economic conditions. Click here to learn more about RYLA!

Resilient Bayview Logo (As Partner)

Team Rubicon Resilience Activation

Team Rubicon is committed to being a partner to municipalities as they work to achieve both short and long term investments that will mitigate the impact of inevitable large disasters through the development of systems that both increase the capacity of neighborhoods to steward their community to a more resilient condition while at the same time advancing the level of interoperability between TR and the agencies and organizations that it must partner with during time of severe stress. Click here to learn more about Team Rubicon Resilient Activation!

Team Rubicon Logo


Connected communities are safer communities and there is no better way to meet your neighbors and build strong relationships than with a good old fashion block party. This year SAFE is honored to partner with NERT and the rest of the Neighborhood Empowerment Network to launch the Neighborfest Block Party Program here in San Francisco. The goal of this program is to increase the number of block parties that occur in our communities and to provide block party hosts with a fun and easy to follow process that will help them throw the world’s best block party! Click here to learn more about Neighborfest!



Resilientville is a role-playing exercise which advances participant awareness of the short and long term benefits of problem solving at the neighborhood level. By working together as a community on issues that present themselves on a daily basis, residents develop crucial decision making skills and relationships that over time strengthen their ability to respond to a wide variety of unforeseen challenges and opportunities. Click here to learn more about Resilientville!

Voices of Resilience

Stay up to date on what your community leaders have to say about building and maintaining a resilient community! Voices of Resilience is an opportunity for the community to share experiences that developed the story of their communities’ resilience. Click here to read more from Voices of Resilience!