In a public health emergency, such as a disease outbreak or bioterrorism, the residents of our communities will need access to medications as quickly as possible. The San Francisco Health Department is responsible with meeting this critical need by establishing locations throughout the city, called Point-of-Dispensing (POD) sites.


The Dept. of Public Health cannot do this alone – they need our help!


Participants at the training event learned how to support community needs during a public health emergency. This training, provided by the Dept. of Public Health’s Emergency Preparedness & Response Branch, taught participants how to provide life-saving medication to the public.

Wonderful information! It’s not so scary now knowing about city-wide plans and that somebody is thinking about this.



mPOD Training Participant

Both instructors absolutely excellent at adult training. I was amazed at how well the outlines and schedule were followed.



mPOD Training Participant

5 stars! Very well done. Knowledgeable instructors.


mPOD Training Participant

Engaging speakers, great at answering questions, patient, informative, funny as well. The activity was excellent.


mPOD Training Participant
Training Goal

To provide anyone who may staff a Point-of-Dispensing (POD) site with the skills needed to dispense medications during a large-scale public health emergency.


Training Objectives

1. Learn about the primary goal of a mass dispensing campaign & San Francisco’s response model

2. Explore the major functions carried out in a Point-of-Dispensing (POD) site

3. Participate in a fun and interactive exercise that will give you a first-hand experience of how a POD operates

Training Details

Details TBA. Check back soon!


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