The Neighborhood Support Center Program


The news of late is saturated with disasters of all sizes, types and location.  A constant throughout all of this chaos has been the extraordinary role that neighborhoods have played in caring for each other. While helping people during times of stress is a universal mission of most community organizations, the capacity to do so in a rapid and effective manner requires agencies to make smart and sustained investments in both their internal systems and in relationships with the surrounding community.

The Neighborhood Support Center program offers organizations of all sizes a roadmap to guide their institution’s efforts in increasing their ability to meet the needs of their staff and clients as well as those of the residents, especially the vulnerable, that reside in close proximity.

The Neighborhood Support Center will:

  • Strengthen your organization’s ability to achieve its disaster resilience mission
  • Increase the level of connection between your institution and nearby stakeholders agencies and civic networks
  • Empower your organization’s staff, nearby agencies and neighbors to work as a team to care for your community before, during and after a disaster

Our Approach:

  • Flexible – No two organizations are alike and the Neighborhood Support Center development process allows agencies’ to craft the right solution for both their internal and external audiences
  • Scalable – Communities change and so do the shocks and stresses they will be confronted by, the Neighborhood Support Center Program allows organizations to easily add new strategies and modules to ensure they are ready for anything
  • Sustainable – Maintaining readiness for times of stress is a journey not a destination. The Neighborhood Support Center Program’s approach ensures that the capacities and relationships that are developed will remain vibrant and reliable over time

Summary: The Neighborhood Support Center Program empowers community serving institutions to play a crucial role in advancing the resilience of their surrounding neighborhood while at the same time ensuring their ability to meet their existing commitments to their staff and clients.