Each Fall, the NEN helps neighborhoods throw their own block party!

The NEN Neighborfest is a locally organized gathering that offers your neighbors a chance to come together, have fun and build a stronger sense of community. Block parties are a great way for neighbors to interact and connect. The event itself can range from blocking off a street and letting the kids have free range to hosting a get together in the lobby, or community room, of your apartment building. The goal is to bring your neighbors together in the most convenient way possible for your community.

To throw a block party, download, complete and submit the Neighborfest Host Tool Kit, the Neighborfest Application Form, and SFMTA Block Party Application Form.

Submission date and details TBD.

“Throwing a block party helped increase neighborhood resilience! I saw people exchanging telephone numbers saying, “If anything happens, now I can get ahold of you.” Now neighbors have someone to rely on.”

2016 Neighborfest Host

“We liked doing the block party and would do it again. We met neighbors we hadn’t met before. We liked the sense of community it brought out in people.”

2016 Neighborfest Host

How to Participate

We are expecting our 2017 Neighborfest season to be the best yet. If you would like to throw a Neighborfest Block Party in your community then keep a watchful eye on this page.

We will open up registration in summer 2017.

To participate, we ask that you meet the following requirements when registration is open:

  1. Follow the step by step process outlined in the toolkit for building your team, assigning roles and implementing your block party plan.
  2. Host your block party during the months of September or October 2017
  3. Allow representatives from agencies such as the SF Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, SAFE and The Department of Emergency Management to table at your event and help raise awareness in your community about these important programs
  4. Attend a Neighborfest Host Training Workshop (Date TBD)
  5. Submit completed Neighborfest Application Form by (Date TBD)
  6. Submit a completed SFMTA Block Party Applications Form by (Date TBD)

Neighborfest Toolkit
2016 Neighborfest Recap

In summer 2016 we offered community leaders across the city the opportunity to partner with us to host Neighborfest Block Parties in their neighborhoods during the fall. In partnering with us to host their block party, each block party leader received the following resources and opportunities:

1. A toolkit that gave them a step by step approach on how to organize their community to produce the best block party ever.

2. The $167.00 fee that the SFMTA charges for a block party was paid for on their behalf.

3. The NEN team came out the day of the event and ran a fun workshop with attendees called “Map Your Resilientville” that helped lay a foundation for the community to create a local disaster plan.

4. The opportunity for representatives from SFFD’s NERT, SFPD’s ALERT, & SF SAFE’s Neighborhood Watch come to the events and reaise awareness of their programs.

5. The chance to celebrate what’s great about their community.

2016 Neighborfest Report

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