Get Ready for Neighborfest 2017! 

The NEN’s Neighborfest Program Returns for a 3rd Year

Bigger, Better, and more FUN!

Living in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods is a source of great pride for residents and there is no better way to celebrate than to bring neighbors together and have a block party!

That’s why the NEN created Neighborfest.

The 2017 Neighborfest Program offers Host Committees an end-to-end experience that empowers them to pull off the best block party their neighbors have ever attended. From a customized toolkit that offers step-by-step instructions to a no-cost permitting process to receiving a bin of disaster supplies for your block – this year’s Neighborfest program is the ultimate resource for building a stronger, more connected community.

A special thanks to our fiscal sponsors:

Neighborfest Block Parties will be hosted between August 1st and November 1st.

Eligible Hosts are active members of the following networks:

What does a Host Committee receive?

1. The Neighborfest Host Toolkit that provides step-by-step instructions on how to organize your Host Committee and the forms and check list you need to pull off a great event.

2. No permitting costs – if you participate in the application process in a timely manner, you’ll have the fees usually charged for street closure paid on your behalf.

3. A “Big Red Bin” of disaster supplies for your block to use during times of stress.

4. Streamlined access to tools, resources and advice on how to run a great event.

5. The support from the Neighborfest Team who will attend your event and share information on how to make your neighborhood safer and better informed about essential programs and resources.

2016 Neighborfest Recap

In summer 2016, the NEN offered community leaders across the city the opportunity to partner with us to host Neighborfest Block Parties in their neighborhoods during the fall.

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2016 Neighborfest Report

“Throwing a block party helped increase neighborhood resilience! I saw people exchanging telephone numbers saying, “If anything happens, now I can get ahold of you.” Now neighbors have someone to rely on.”

2016 Neighborfest Host

“We liked doing the block party and would do it again. We met neighbors we hadn’t met before. We liked the sense of community it brought out in people.”

2016 Neighborfest Host

Neighborfest artwork by Sirron Norris

Neighborfest Partners