In 2007, an alliance of residents, neighborhood and merchant associations, nonprofits and faithbased organizations, foundations and academic institutions was created around a simple mission, empowering the neighborhoods of San Francisco with the capacity to steward themselves to a resilient condition.  The alliance assumed the name “Neighborhood Empowerment Network” (NEN), and over these past years it has leveraged the immense resources and expertise within its ranks to create a ground breaking suite of tools resources and methodologies to advance resilience at the community level with a bottom up grassroots approach.


A San Francisco where everyone lives and works in a healthy, resilient community led by local networks rich in trust and reciprocity


To support residents and neighborhoods with the capacity and resources to build strong resilient communities


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ECP Leadership Summit

ECP Leadership Summit The annual Empowered Communities Program (ECP) Leadership Summit convened the neighborhood leadership from communities implement...

NEN Resilience Summit

December 1, 2015 The Neighborhood Empowerment Network would like to thank all the community leaders, non-profits, foundations, universities, city offi...

9th Annual NEN Awards

The 2017 NEN Awards honored San Francisco community leaders, organizations, and groups who demonstrated their dedication to making neighborhoods safer...

2016 HUB Annual Workshops

In October and November 2016, Resilient Bayview, Miraloma Park, Sunset, and OMI steering committees convened local and citywide organizations to part...

2016 Neighborfest was a huge success!

During September and October of 2016, 9 neighborhoods across San Francisco participated in the Neighborfest Program and organized local block parties....